Return To Kintail

By Alasdair Fraser & Tony McManus

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Return to Kintail

A beautiful recording from 1999 heralding a return to a more traditional style by Alisdair Fraser after his ‘Acid Croft’ Skydance recordings and concerts. Both players are masters of their art and are on top form here. Difficult to pick out one stand out track from many, but on a personal level, when I try to play Calum Sgaire for my grandson Callum and his friend Jake I have to plagiarise the title to Calum agus Sgaire so they feel it’s personal to them. (Mind you when they hear the cd track they think it’s a different tune!)

A wonderful recording

I agree with the posting by fifer made on June 27th 2003 and have enjoyed this recording extensively. It includes many of the popular Scottish session tunes such as High Road to Linton. Listerners who enjoyed this recording may also enjoy Beyond the Shore by Deby Benton Grosjean from Aniar Records.

Re: Return To Kintail

The link to “The curlew” it’s wrong because “The curlew” in this set is a slide not a reel. I would like to change the link but I do not know how to do it.

Re: Return To Kintail

It’s not a slide, it’s a jig - see comments here :
Tunes with the same title don’t always connect to the appropriate transcription. Nothing can be done about that except to point it out in the “Comments”.