My Favourite Place

By Corrina Hewat

  1. Sheath And Knife
  2. My Favourite Place
  3. The Banks Of The Nile
  4. Harmonics
  5. The Bear Dance
  6. Ae Fond Kiss
  7. Brose And Butter
    Drops Of Brandy
  8. When I Dream
  9. Traffic
  10. Hogties
    Baltic Square
  11. Sharon And Mark
  12. A Raft Of Oak

Two comments

Re: My Favourite Place

Corrina was up here in Aberdeen 2 weeks ago leading a day-long singing workshop. I had some great fun and music with her around 20 years ago when we were both tutors at a traditional music school which ran in Aberdeen for a week in the summer. A hugely talented musician. We played several tracks from this album on our local radio programme leading up to the workshop weekend.
If you don’t have this CD, “GW”, and would like one, email me your address and it would be my pleasure to send it to you - an original, not a copy.
PS - it is a bit more contemporary, even jazzy, than traditional.