Two Old Black Sticks

By John Kerr and friends

Added by Kenny .
  1. Imelda Roland’s
    The Reel Of Mullinavat
  2. The Washington
    The Standing Abbey
  3. Minnie White’s
    The Girl At Gibson’s Lodgings
  4. Cissie Crehan’s Wicked Gander
    Nell Flaherty’s Drake
  5. The Reel With The Beryl
    The Rainy Day
    The Ballintore Fancy
  6. Lios Na Banriona
  7. The Fairy Queen
    Dermot Grogan’s
  8. Tell Her I Am
    Strike The Gay Harp
  9. Jack Of All Trades
    The Upperchurch
  10. Joe Cooley’s
    The Harp And Shamrock
  11. Roger Sherlock’s
    Farewell To London
  12. Doctor O’Neill
    The Humours Of Lisheen

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John Kerr - Two Old Black Sticks

Released May, 2015. John Kerr is a flute player, from the Washington (DC) area.

- Joe DeZarn (fiddle)
- Patrick Cavanagh (banjo/accordion)
- Crystal Bailey (fiddle)
- Peter Brice (accordion)
- Josh Dukes (guitar)
- Keith Carr (bouzouki)
- Jim Stickley (bodhran)

Available at:
and iTunes.

Minnie White’s is likely one of her Newfoundland polkas/singles, or, another Newfoundland tune. Perhaps one of the tunes here: