Ports of Call

By Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas

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  1. Freedom Come All Ye
    Pea In The F-hole
  2. Derriere Les Carreaux
    War Hent Kerrigouarch
  3. Med Solje Og Stas
    Polska Efter Kristian Oskarsson
  4. Muniera De Freixido
    Muniera De San Paio
    Muniera Do Areal
  5. Waltska For Su-A
  6. Adelaide
    Keeping Up With Christine
  7. Megan & Jarrod
    Cavers Of Kirkcudbright
  8. Moon Over Mono
  9. Professor Cherry Clark
  10. O Cantar De Melon
    Xota Para Ourense
    Foliada De Berducido
  11. Himlens Polska
    Karl Fant’s
  12. Hanneke’s Bridal
  13. Polonesa Spoof

One comment

Re: Ports of Call

While there are a few Scottish tunes here, Alasdair and Natalie show their interest in other musical traditions with entries from Norway, Sweden, Finland, France and Galicia. Several of Natalie’s compositions and some from Alasdair round out the offerings.

Very well done by talented and accomplished musicians (Brittany Haas joins on fiddle, track 7, and Dave Wiesler on piano, track 12). Just be warned that it is not the usual fare; remember that variety is the spice of life. I like it a lot.