The Genius of Peter Conlon

By Peter Conlon

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This is a collection of the playing of former New York melodeon player Peter Conlon. The first Irishman to record, the Galway born box player recorded his first sides for Columbia in 1917, making him one of the first box players in general. Once you’ve heard his playing you’ll have little difficulty in understanding the styles of Jerry O‘Brien, Joe Derrane, and other early American boxplayers. Triplets and rolls are used in ways that would make O’Riada hide under his bed.

Of particular interest is his use of C# to replace Cnat (which he does not have on the instrument), very much in line with the playing of Pasty Touhey.

A must have CD for any boxplayer.

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First Irishman to record? Didn’t you just cite Patsy Touhey in your comment? And what about Phil Martin, John McFadden, etc., etc.?

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I think Thady meant the first Irishman to record on accordion (or melodeon).

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I really like Conlon specially with James Morrison !

I reaaly like also John Kimmel the German American melodeon player . He is supposed to have been the first one to record irish music on a ten Button accodeon , it was around 1906 !
He was not irish but from New York , sometimes he was call the Irish Dutchman !

John Kimmell had some influences of Québécois Melodeon player who has listen, Philippe Bruneau, Yves Verret, Denis Pépin, Jean Carignan (violin) and others,