The Wishing Tree

By Mike McGoldrick, John McCusker, John Doyle

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Re: The Wishing Tree

Do they sell it already? Google seems to know nothing about.

Re: The Wishing Tree

Only been selling it at gigs - they were in Aberdeen last Monday. The tour ended last week, so it should become widely available very soon, assuming they have any left to sell.
We’re giving a copy away on our radio programme for St. Patrick’s Day on Wednesday. For a chance to win a free CD, email us an Irish request in to the programme at :

Or if anyone here at "thesession’org" wants to send me a PM, have a go that way. Have to be before noon Wednesday - only 1 entry each, please.

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Re: The Wishing Tree

Hi folks,
does anyone know where to get that record. I simply can’t wait to listen to it 🙂
msut be a real cracker
proper release is, accordiing to folk radio uk, today 🙂
thx for your help