The Wishing Tree

By John Doyle, John McCusker, Mike McGoldrick

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  1. The Wishing Tree
    The Retirement
    Dearne Valley
  2. The Bonny Light Horseman
  3. Bo Mhin Na Toitean
    John Brosnan’s
    Bogha Bride Willie Bucach MacLeod Of Stornoway
  4. Billy O’Shea
    The Wind That Shakes The Barley
    Trip To Herve’s
  5. Planxty Dermot Grogan
  6. Burke & Hare
  7. Look In The Press
    Poigini Na Greine
    Buidhe Arda Dearga
  8. The Wicked Belfast Man ( Here’s Adieu To Old Ireland )
  9. Keane O’Hara
    Rip The Calico
    Coming Of Age
    My Maryanne
    Tribute To Larry Reynolds
  10. Banks Of The Bann
    We’re A Case The Bunch Of Us

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Re: The Wishing Tree

Do they sell it already? Google seems to know nothing about.

Re: The Wishing Tree

Only been selling it at gigs - they were in Aberdeen last Monday. The tour ended last week, so it should become widely available very soon, assuming they have any left to sell.
We’re giving a copy away on our radio programme for St. Patrick’s Day on Wednesday. For a chance to win a free CD, email us an Irish request in to the programme at :

Or if anyone here at "thesession’org" wants to send me a PM, have a go that way. Have to be before noon Wednesday - only 1 entry each, please.

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Re: The Wishing Tree

Hi folks,
does anyone know where to get that record. I simply can’t wait to listen to it :)
msut be a real cracker
proper release is, accordiing to folk radio uk, today :)
thx for your help