Athair Agus Iníon

By Celtica

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Re: Athair Agus Iníon

Around 2000, Paul and Allison steeped their toes into the world of Celtic music, Allison on the pennywhistle, Paul on guitar. They enjoyed it so much that they, along with Paul’s older daughter, became the nexus of a small session group in Montgomery, Alabama. The music continued when they moved from Alabama to Illinois. Paul and Allison honed their skills at the local Tionól gatherings and weekly sessions, meeting new players and learning new music.

In their musical travels since Celtica coalesced in 2008, Paul and Allison have done a number of gigs where it’s just been the two of them. They dubbed ourselves as “Celtica Lite.” They found there was a core of tunes and songs that they would do together on these Celtica Lite gigs; these favorites make up the bulk of this CD.

Over the past couple of years, several health-related problems have significantly decreased Paul’s ability to play. Paul and Allison wanted to document a collection of music while they were still able to do so, kind of like a musical family photo album.

Celtic music has been an important part of their lives, and regardless of what happens, will remain so. Athair agus Ínion, Irish Gaelic for “Father and daughter,” seemed an appropriate title for this project. The Celtic knot design on the CD represents athair agus ínion.

Paul and Allison hope this musical collection inspires thoughts of history, tall tales, maybe a good night with good friends, but most of all – family.

Go raibh míle maith agat!