Dubliners Instrumental - 40 Traditional Irish Tunes

By The Dubliners

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While this is a fabulous album to have, buyers should be aware that the CD itself consists of only 23 tracks. It would seem that the original poster made each tune an individual track instead of listing the tunes in grouped sets. (Knowing that there are lots of Dubliners reissues out there, I was constantly on the lookout for the "right" Dubliners "Instrumental" CD [the one with 40 tracks], and was confused and disappointed that I couldn’t find it!)

Is this CD still available? I asked in Claddagh records in Temple Bar and they didn’t have it. Does anyone know where i could get a copy.

Finally, I got a copy of it and am very pleased being a Barney McKenna fan.

"Dubliners: Instrumental" ~ CD

Though now obvious, our dear webmaster Jeremy has corrected the problem with the original poster’s single entry per tune, now shown in their sets…