Ancient Music For The Irish Harp

By Derek Bell

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  1. Lonesome
    An Páistín Fionn
  2. Untitled Air
    Thomas A Búrca
  3. Reminscenes Of Seán Ó Riada
  4. Untitled Air
    Colonel O’Hara
  5. Little Molly O
    Love In Secret
  6. A Soft Mild Morning
  7. Wexford Bells
  8. Lady Blaney
  9. Within A Mile Of Edinburgh Town
  10. An Buachaill Caol Dubh
  11. Lady Iveagh
    The Black Rose Bud
  12. The Dawning Of The Day
    The Green Woods Of Truagh
    The Captivating Youth
  13. Carolan’s Devotion (Miss Fetherston)
    Mrs. Crofton
  14. Úr Chill A’ Chreagáin
    An Droighneán Donn
    An Fial Athair Dónal
  15. Lullaby
    The Bardic
  16. Harp Serenade
    Paraguayan Dance In G
  17. Dances From The Quechua Indians