Selected Recordings 1985-1995

By Ash Plant

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Re: Selected Recordings 1985-1995

A compilation of tracks from older recordings of the Copenhagen-based band “Ash plant”, playing Irish and Danish music. The band has gone through several line-ups since first formed in 1982 and can still be seen on stage in the 2010’s!

Comment on tune names: in #18, The Hungry Rock is not the tune linked, I suppose that the listed name is wrong but I don’t know another. In #19, both reels are sometimes known as “The Ash Plant” and they are listed on the album as “The ash plant reels” - probably a trademark set of this band 🙂

Re: Selected Recordings 1985-1995

Update: #18(a) identified as a jig called “The Hungry Rocks” on However, it is (or both are) NOT the Dervish tune, properly called “The Hungry Rock” (singular) - for that’s how it’s authors call it.