Sacred Earth

By Sharon Shannon

  1. Rusheen Bay
  2. Sacred Earth
  3. The Machine
  4. Bas Pelles
  5. Pull Out The Stops
  6. He’ll Have To Go
  7. Frenchie’s
  8. The Merry Widow
  9. Let’s Go
  10. Sea Shepherd
  11. The Bull Fiddle

One comment

Re: Sacred Earth

Sharon Shannon is a musician who likes to surprise. While she is known for her arrangements of traditional Irish tunes and Irish-influenced compositions, she has always been eager to explore new styles, and to meet and work with other musicians. There are Irish influences here, of course, but these are cheerfully mixed in with often unexpected styles from around the world, including – for the first time – Africa.

Sharon Shannon has had a remarkable and adventurous career. ‘Sacred Earth’ is a rousing reminder of why she is still so unique.