Little Giants and Others Oxymorons

By The Maguires

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The Maguires all started playing traditional Irish music at a young age and music became the focus of family life in the Maguire household. As the children’s musical ability developed and their repertoires expanded, the joy of ensemble playing unleashed a whole new range of musical possibilities.

The band’s range of instruments includes fiddle, concertina, flute, uilleann pipes, whistle, bodhrán, guitar and piano.

The Maguires are:
Emma Maguire – fiddle, flute, piano
Aoife Maguire – concertina, uilleann pipes
Seán Maguire – bodhrán
Philip Maguire – guitar
with Special Guest, Tony O’Flaherty – bass (tracks 4 & 6) & keys (track 6)

Re: Little Giants and Others Oxymorons

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Some tune composer information:
- Na Cailíní/The Mushroom Hornpipe/Fubo’s Friend (Aoife Maguire)
- The Flattened E Flat/45 Nightmares (Emma Maguire)
- WiFi In The Dark Jig/WiFi In The Dark Reel (Aoife Maguire & Emma Maguire)
- The Seagulls’ Blessing/Stuck In The Bog/An Tigín (Emma Maguire & Philip Maguire)