Little Giants and Others Oxymorons

By The Maguires

  1. Fergal O’Gara’s
    The Hunter’s House
    Speed The Plough
  2. Na Cailíní
  3. O’Carolan’s Draught
  4. The Moving Cloud
    The Maids Of Castlebar
    The Boys Of Malin
  5. The Flattened E Flat
  6. Tico Tico
  7. The Mushroom
    Furbo’s Friend
  8. Wifi In The Dark
  9. 45 Nightmares
  10. The Seagulls’ Blessing
    Stuck In The Bog
    An Tigín
  11. The Mason’s Apron
    The Humours Of Tulla
    The Reconciliation

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Re: Little Giants and Others Oxymorons

The Maguires all started playing traditional Irish music at a young age and music became the focus of family life in the Maguire household. As the children’s musical ability developed and their repertoires expanded, the joy of ensemble playing unleashed a whole new range of musical possibilities.

The band’s range of instruments includes fiddle, concertina, flute, uilleann pipes, whistle, bodhrán, guitar and piano.

The Maguires are:
Emma Maguire – fiddle, flute, piano
Aoife Maguire – concertina, uilleann pipes
Seán Maguire – bodhrán
Philip Maguire – guitar
with Special Guest, Tony O’Flaherty – bass (tracks 4 & 6) & keys (track 6)