A Waltz For Joy

By Dan Brouder & Angelina Carberry

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  1. Tatter Jack Walsh
    The Reaper
    The Alna
  2. The Kerry
    McFadden’s Own
    The Convent
  3. A Waltz For Joy
    Old 57
  4. The Pigeon On The Gate
    The Drawing Room
    Touch Her If You Dare
  5. McCarthy’s
    The Basket Of Oysters
    East At Glendart
  6. Hornpipe 534
    Over The Hill To My Nanny Oh!
    Hornpipe 778
  7. Curlews In The Bog
    Tommy Peoples’
    Monsignor’s Blessing
  8. Glanmorgan House
    Erin Go Brach
  9. A Waltz For Finbarr
    Breakfast At 9
    The Ruísín
  10. The Fairy
    The Céide Slip
    The Friendly Robin
  11. The Battle Of Dunboy
    Kitty O’Shea’s
  12. Michael Gorman’s
    Tommy Potts’
    Finbarr Dwyer’s
  13. The Blackbird
    John Doe
    The Blackbird
  14. Finbarr’s Scholar
    Sherry’s Return
    Richard Dwyer’s Fancy No.2

Two comments

Re: A Waltz For Joy

A great new album from these two, featuring a nice combination of accordion and banjo.
They are joined by Brian McGrath, Johnny McDonagh, John Blake and many more…..

Re: A Waltz For Joy

Love the playing on this, and as you can see from the lack of “links” above, quite a few obscure tunes not anywhere in the database here. Several of these tunes come from “Tunes Of The Munster Pipers Vol.2”, and I think it’s great that musicians are digging these old tunes out and recording them. Several others are recent compositions by living musicians, and it’s great to have them as well.

A few comments on some of the tunes :

“Tatter Jack Walsh” is a version from “The Munster Pipers Vol.2”, and significantly different from the “usual” version.

I posted “The Kerry Reel” on track #2 here a while back as “Delia Keane’s” : https://thesession.org/tunes/5774

“The Pidgeon On The Gate” is a completely different tune from any of the reels commonly known by that name.

“The Fairy Jig” on track #10 is a Charlie Lennon composition. The link is wrong.

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