Track Across The Deep

By The London Lasses And Pete Quinn

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Three comments

A new release (1/7/03). Soulful, intelligent, literate playing and singing.

London Lasses & Pete Quinn “Track Across the Deep”

I believe this is their second album with some change in the lineup. The current members are:

Elaine Conwell: fiddle
Karen Ryan: fiddle, tinwhistle
Deirdre Havlin: flute, tinwhistle
Maureen: Linane: accordion
Kathleen O’Sullivan: vocals
Pete Quinn: piano, keyboard

Mr. Ptarmigan took me to their open air concert in N. Antrim on Paddy’s day this year, and I found they are as good as any big name band. Some people are not so keen on the piano accompaniment, but their emsemble is very tight and the tunes are nice too. Also, they have some heartbreaking songs.

I know some tunes on this album with different names.

John Brennan’s on Track 5:
too many alternative names, but this is the one:

O’Sullivan’s on Track 9:
The Cowboy:

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