Usher’s Island

By Usher’s Island

  1. Untitled Slip Jig (Goodman Collection 160)
    The Half Century
    Joe Kilmurry’s
  2. Bean Phaidin
    Ride A Mile
    Hardiman The Fiddler
  3. The Drunken Landlady
    Lucky In Love
  4. Heart In Hand
  5. Molly Ban
  6. Two Untitled Reels (from John Doherty)
    The Four Courts
    Jenny’s Chicken
  7. Cairndaisy
  8. Felix The Soldier
  9. Untitled Hornpipe (from Sean Keane)
    Untitled Hornpipe (Goodman Collection 594)
  10. Wild Roving
  11. As Good As It Gets
    The Blue Trouser Suit
  12. Micky Doherty’s
    Gan Ainm

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Re: Ushers Island

this is their first Usher’s Island recording.
The music combines the excitement of the 1970’s traditional Irish groups with a modern sensibility informed by a range of influences.

Re: Usher’s Island

Concerning track 3, I doubt that the first tune is Drunken Landlady as it is in 5/4… But I haven’t the CD’s notes so I can’t say if the band called that tune with the same name of the well-known and traditionnal reel called Drunken Landlady.

Re: Usher’s Island

Didier is right and wrong. Mike McGoldrick writes in the sleeve notes: ‘John and I were playing around with this common reel and somehow it ended up in the time signature of 5/4’.

Re: Usher’s Island

The first hornpipe on Track #9 is the hornpipe recorded by Sean Keane [ and I think Mary Bergin ] under the name "The Humours Of Ballyconnell" - nothing to do with the reel of the same name.
The tune following it has also been recorded recently by Angelina Carberry and Dan Brouder. I’ve no idea how it came to be in the Goodman collection, but it is very probably Scottish as it is a hornpipe version of a melody used for the song "My Nanny, O" which I think comes from the time of Robert Burns.

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Re: Usher’s Island

An All-Star assemblage of the best of the best. John Doyle’s controlled energy comes through with splendid instrumentals by all the players. I passed on a copy to my 25 year old daughter and she liked it a lot. As the song on the CD says "Good as it Gets". I think this one will rank up there with the Chieftains, Bothy Band and Planxty as one greatest full band recordings of Irish music. Not sure I could recommend this more for lovers of Irish music. Slainte!