Room with a View

By Old Blind Dogs

  1. Bunker Hill
    Sandy Boys
  2. A Ring On Her Hand
    Cairo Day
  3. John MacColl’s March To Kilbowie Cottage
    Joel Turk’s
    An Iuchair
  4. Earl O March’s Daughter
  5. Billy Rush’s
    The North Star
  6. Sawney Bean
  7. Gavottes Des Montagnes
  8. Warlike Lads Of Russia
  9. Abair Thusa Mi Bhi Tarraing
    Highland Harry
    Died And Gone To Prague

Three comments

Re: Room with a View

Old Blind Dogs have been performing for some 25 years, and their new release, Room With A View, is a fresh, spirited, yet mature powerhouse of an album. Their first recording in over six years, it is a real cracker.
Jonny Hardie (fiddle & vocals), Aaron Jones (bouzouki & vocals), Ali Hutton (pipes & whistles) and Donald Hay (percussion) create such a tight sound with rhythms, harmonies, melodies and lyrics that sweep you along in whichever direction they choose.

Re: Room with a View

A big hug to my old friend Aaron Jones and best wishes for this new release!