Lost Girl Found

By Winifred Horan

  1. Greasy Coat
  2. Jig Time
  3. La Valse Laurencienne
  4. To Ohio
  5. Ryan’s
  6. Lost Girl Found
  7. Neil Gow’s Lament For The Death Of His Second Wife
  8. La Valsounette
  9. Melancholy French
  10. Win’s Reels
  11. Polkas
  12. Georgiana Moon

Two comments

Re: Lost Girl Found

Winifred Horan is a violinist/fiddler whose playing is immediately identifiable. Her unmistakeable rich tone and soulful, passionate playing has earned her fans across the world of music. For the last twenty years her musical contributions to the band Solas and the world of folk, irish and acoustic music is well documented on the many recording she appears on. This long awaited new solo album is a stunning work from the fiery open track Greasy Coat to the haunting and soulful closing traditional track Georgiana Moon. The album was recorded in Dingle,Co.Kerry Ireland and was produced by guitarist Donogh Hennessy. The list of guests who appear on the album is also quite impressive. Musicians that Winifred has been in bands and recorded with over the years, help to create a stunning sound and include Donogh Hennessy, Trevor Hutchinson, Seamus Egan, Mick McAuley, Colm O’Caoimh, Chico Huff, Damien Mullane, John Anthony, Mike Brenner and Catriona McKay. Winifred also lets us hear her singing voice on two tracks and her voice is enchanting, whispery and as pure as her fiddle playing. . This album is a must have for fans of Winifred’s playing and as always, the music speaks to the heart.

Re: Lost Girl Found

Saw her at the beginning of a tour in Portland, Oregon, house concert. She was debuting some of these tunes.
It was spectacular. Her sound captured me the first time I ever heard her. Love this CD, so rich and inspiring.