By Saltfishforty

  1. Millbrae
    Mince In A Basket
    Reel For Dave Fleetwood
    A Whisky Kiss
  2. The Odin Stone
  3. The Mad March O’ Millquoy
    The Swanney Brothers
    The Battle Of Passchendaele
  4. Tender Is The Night
  5. Miss Eileen Linklater
  6. You’re Tired Of Me
  7. The Whaap
    The Teeo
  8. The Jack Snipe
  9. The Cat’s Meow
    Gerry O’Connor’s
    The Humours Of Trailbane
  10. Linda May’s
  11. The Boss
    Gogo’s Girls
    Brussels To Bruntland
  12. Woe Is Me
    The Ferry Crossing