All These Years

By Solas

  1. Roarie Bummlers
  2. Standing On The Shore
  3. Lay Me Down
  4. Lucy Locket’s
    The Quiet Pint
    The Sleepy Sailors
  5. Wandering Aengus
  6. Darkness Darkness
  7. Lost In Quimper
  8. Unnamed Shetland
    Da New Rigged Ship
  9. Padraig Og Mo Chroi
  10. Not Alone
  11. Little Bird In Heaven
  12. Mr. And Mrs. Walsh
  13. As I Went Out Walking
  14. Willie Moore
  15. Sixteen Come Next Sunday
  16. All These Years

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Re: All These Years

Has anyone transcribed Mr. and Mrs. Walsh? It’s a great tune.