By Rún

  1. A Short Moment Of Serenity
  2. The Dusty Miller
    The Boys Of Ballisodare
    Wired To The Moon
  3. Hardiman The Fiddler
  4. John Blessing’s
    Charly Harris
  5. Walls Of Liscarroll
  6. Christmas Day In Da Moarning
    Da New Rigged Ship
    The Drunken Piper
  7. Dia Do Beatha
  8. After The Battle Of Aughrim
    Lord Mayo
    O’Neil’s March
  9. Black-Haired Lass
    Upstairs In A Tent
  10. Rights Of Man
    Rights Of Man
  11. The Short Grass
    Across The Black River
    Langstern Pony
  12. Liz Doherty’s
    Smoke The Feathers
    The Waves Of Rush
  13. Asphalt Walk
    Farewell To Ireland
  14. The End Of Darkness
  15. Na Maithe Mora


Rún is a celtic folk band from Kiev, Ukraine. The band (translated from Irish Gaelic as “secret”, “intent”, or in the address form, "á run", as “my love”) explores and plays music of the lands with celtic heritage (Ireland, Scotland, Spanish Galicia and others...). Repertory of the band is based on lively traditional dances: reels and jigs, hornpipes and flings, waltzes and polkas; slow airs by ancient bards; fiery tunes of Spanish Galicia; music of Irish hills and Scottish highlands. Read more on