As the Crow flies

By Childsplay

  1. The Hawk And Crow
    As The Crow Flies
  2. Katrina
  3. Childspey Strathsplay
    Black Diamond
    Putney Mountain
  4. The Dear Companion
  5. The Last Alleluia
  6. Lianne Maclean’s Revenge
    The Catchy Bug
  7. Leave No Millionaire Behind
  8. Bow For Rama
    St. Croix
    Christmas Eve
  9. Don’t Get Weary Children
    Jim Short’s
  10. Child Suite : Christopher’s Theme
    Nigel’s Dream
    Arthur’s Shooting Star
    Hunter’s Moon
  11. Starry Lullaby
    Maybe I Might
  12. Slips And Falls
    The Yellow Tinker
    The Golden Keyboard