Tuile Agus Trá / The Flowing Tide

By Michaél Ó Halmhain

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Re: Tuile Agus Tra / The Flowing Tide

Hi Kenny, Now you’re confusing me! Hadn’t spotted it was your ‘recordings’ posting (without comment), then you link to a comment about desirability of commenting on recordings - that’s also from you! Did occur to me that you had only just posted, and simply not yet commented. Anyway - seems we’re in agreement.
In passing, now I realise it’s you, when a tune has lots of settings, yours is one of the names I look at first for the chance of a setting I recognise, or at least makes sense of the tune, so that’s much appreciated.

Re: Tuile Agus Tra / The Flowing Tide

Hi "Col" - just hadn’t got round to commenting yet, as you thought. This is a very nice recording of good, solid flute playing, nothing speedy or flashy at all, with sympathetic accompaniment from Steve Cooney on guitar. Good selection of tunes, especially the 2 slow airs. A wee gem !

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