By Anam

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  1. Spindle Shanks
    Pennsylvania Turnpike
    Lord Ramsey’s
  2. Ho Ro M’Inion Donn Bhoidheach
  3. Mickey Dan’s
    Port Noinin (Daisy Jig)
  4. Cen Treo Anois?
  5. After The Storm
  6. Steamtrain
    Brendan McGlinchey’s
    The Moving Bog
  7. Wheel Of Fortune
  8. Down The Hill
  9. Pigeon On The Gate
    Gan Ainm
    Gan Ainm
  10. Faoiseamh

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Re: Anam

My friend Jean-Claude recently learnt the set dance ‘Down the Hill’, and I realized it was lurking somewhere within the recesses of my brain. No recording that I knew on The Session however. So, after looking for some time, I found this album that I’ve had for many a long year.

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