Trip To Ireland

By Luc Pilartz, Kieran Fahy, Bernard Zonderman & Maarten Decombel

  1. Bird In The Bush
    The New-Mown Meadow
    Silver Spear
  2. The Boys Of Ballysodare
    The Foxchase
  3. Kitty O’Shea
  4. Inion Ni Scannlain
  5. Trip To Ireland
    The Abbey
    Green Groves Of Erin
    Flowers Of Red Hill
  6. My Lady Binnis Lilt
    If Thou Wert Myne Own Thing
  7. The Humours Of Flinn
  8. Asturian Air
  9. The First Hard Rain
    Brumley Brae
  10. Drunken Sailor
  11. Fisher’s Rant
    Tommy Peoples
    The Guns Of The Magnificent Seven
  12. Slockit Light