By Mari Black

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  1. Maison De Glace
    Indian Point
    Reel De Mattawa
    Struan Robertson
  2. Lord Huntly’s Cave
    Craigellachie Bridge
    The Bride’s
    The Gladstone
  3. Exhale
    The Cliffs Of Moher
    The Green Hills Of Tyrol
  4. Hallucinations
  5. The Star Of Munster
  6. Draggin’ The Bow
  7. The Highland Cathedral
    Union Street Session
  8. Le Tableau
    Reel Du Chaloupier
    Le Voyage
    Reel Des Soucoupes Volantes
  9. The Open Door
    Salisbury’s Rant For The Masterpiece
  10. Bonnie Isabell Robertson
    St. Anne’s
    Technical Terms
  11. To Paula
  12. Miss Russell Of Blackhall
    Miss MacLeod Of Macleod’s
    This Is Not My Ain House
    The Loremaster
  13. Peepholes
  14. The Paps Of Glencoe
    Glen Grant
    Glen Rinne’s
    Reel For Melodie And Derrick
    Tom Rae
    Father Francis Cameron
  15. Jig Of The Lost Bells
    One For A Window
  16. A Letter From The Next Room

Two comments

Re: Flight

A delightful solo fiddle album, with excellent fiddling and unobtrusive, well-done backings. There are a few cross-genre tracks that aren’t my personal favorites, but they don’t really detract from what is I think a great recording. I certainly recommend it!

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