A Spider In The Hood

By Cattle Grid

  1. Charlie Harry’s
  2. Richard Dwyer’s
    Old Fashion
    Ormond Sound
  3. Paddy’s Lamentation
  4. Willy Clancy’s Scottish
    Staten Island
  5. Thirst
    Peacock Feather
  6. Garech’s Wedding
    My Wife’s My Own
    The Merry Sisters
  7. Aly’s
  8. Jimmy Doyle’s
    The Maid Of Ardagh
    Maggie In The Wood
  9. Empty Barrel
    The Coming Of Spring
  10. Soldier
  11. Speed The Plough
    The Cup Of Tea
    The New Copperplate

One comment

Re: A Spider In The Hood

Thanks to Anthony Picard, to submit this CD.
As a member of the band, I commited a few tunes listed on this CD:
The Old Fashion reel, The Empty Barrel (Jig), Thirst (Slow Air) are of my own.
I’m going to put them here.
Hope you’ll enjoy them.