Loïc Bléjean & Tad Sargent

By Loïc Bléjean & Tad Sargent

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  1. An Grianan
    Peter Byrne’s Fancy
    Coppers And Brass
  2. Missing You
  3. Bo Mhin Na Toitean
    Ormond Sound
    Trip To Herve’s
  4. Beeswing
  5. Australian Waters
    Atlantic Bridge
    Humours Of Bandon
  6. Antara
    Phyllis’ Birthday
    Helvic Head
  7. Sliabh Na Mban
  8. Dunnes Stores Girl
  9. The Noon Lasses
    Jenny Picking Cockles

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Loïc Bléjean & Tad Sargent

Loïc Bléjean ~ uilleann pipes, whistle
Tad Sargent ~ bouzouki, guitar, bodhran, vocals


Introducing two musicians from either side of the English Channel playing the very best in traditional Irish music: Loïc Bléjean (uilleann pipes and whistles), and Tad Sargent (bouzouki-guitar, bodhran and vocals).

On this, their very fine self-titled debut, the multi-instrumentalist duo demonstrate startling virtuosity in both their individual playing and complex interplay between them ensemble across a prime selection of their favourite traditional pieces together with fresh and emotive covers of evergreens in Richard Thompson’s ‘Beeswing’, Davy Spillane’s ‘Atlantic Bridge and Jimmy McCarthy’s ‘Missing You’, amongst others.

Tad has worked with many well-known and respected musicians, both in the studio and in live performance throughout Europe and is a founder member of acclaimed Cross Harbour, whose eponymous first album was released in 2014. In-demand pipes player, Breton-born Loïc has played residencies at the world famous McGurk’s in St Louis, Missouri, and been a member of numerous bands including Glaz, the French-Canadian Gwazigan and Carré Manchot, one of the leading ‘fez-noz’ (‘night festival’) bands.



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