Call The Set - II

By The Red Abbey Group

  1. Jackson’s
    The Cobbler’s
    Health To The Ladies
  2. The Humours Of Drinagh
    Sunny Grogan’s Favourite
    Six Penny Money
  3. Willie Coleman’s
    Scully Casey’s
  4. The Maid In The Meadow
    When Sick Is It Tae You Want?
    Nora Criona
  5. Patsy Geary’s
    Gan Ainm
    Gan Ainm
  6. Josie McDermot’s
    The Trip To Durrow
    The Teetotaler
  7. Jackson’s
  8. The Cobbler’s
  9. Willie Coleman’s
  10. The Humours Of Drinagh
  11. Josie McDermot’s
    The Trip To Durrow
    The Teetotaler
  12. Jim Keeffe’s
    Jim Keeffe’s
  13. The Boys Of Bluehill
    The Cuckoo’s Nest
  14. Jim Keeffe’s
    Jim Keeffe’s
  15. Dick Tobin’s
    Dick Tobin’s
  16. Johnny O’Leary’s
    Johnny O’Leary’s
  17. Denis O’Keeffe’s
    Matt Teahan’s
  18. The Boys Of Bluehill
    The Cuckoo’s Nest
  19. O’Keeffe’s
    Johnny Leary’s
    Johnny The Journeyman
  20. The Hare In The Corn
    I’ll Paddle Me Own Canoe
  21. O’Keeffe’s
    Johnny Leary’s
    The Hare In The Corn
    I’ll Paddle Me Own Canoe
    The Dingle Regatta
    Jackie Daly’s

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“Call The Set - II”

Cork Folk Publishing - CD & book
CFP 0002 / KSUL 1099 / Tape No. 2 (cassette tape)
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Presented by The Red Abbey Group

Pat O’Sullivan - box
Vince Milne - fiddle
Bríd Cranitch - piano

Caller: Timmy ‘The Brit’ McCarthy

Music & calls for the following sets of quadrilles:

The Jenny Ling Set ~ tracks 1 - 11
The Borlin Polka Set ~ tracks 12 - 18
The Ballyvourney Jig (slides) Set ~ tracks 19 - 21 (non-stop)

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For the moment this contribution is using the track names and spellings from the recording, which are in need of correction and updating - later…

“Call The Set - II” ~ the musicians - notes from this recording

Pat O’Sullivan ~ A native of Rathpeacon, County Cork, Pat has been playing for dancing for many years now. His lively style of box playing has made him a firm favourite with set dancers in Cork. Pat is also a member of the traditional group ‘Kowloon Bridge’, whose first cassette was released in 1989.

Vince Milne ~ Vince hails from Clonakilty, County Cork. His fiddle playing encompasses both traditional and bluegrass styles. He plays in ‘Kowloon Bridge’ with Pat and is also a mmeber of the Cork group ‘Bone Idol’.

Bríd Cranitch ~ A native of Cork, Bríd is a pianist of wide ranging musical experience. In recent years she has played piano accompaniment for many traditional musicians, including the great Séan Maguire. Bríd is also a member of ‘Kowloon Bridge’.

Correction: Cork Folk Publishing - ‘Cassette’ & book

Track 1

Track 1 actually has a third jig, so I have added it to the list here (it wasn’t named on the cassette notes either, it just says ‘jig’. From 2:48, after The Cobbler’s, it’s Health To The Ladies. See
and setting X:4 (grateful acknowledgements to ceolachan) seems closest to the setting played here.
Have also redirected The Cobbler’s from the polka to the jig, The Cobbler (Dan The Cobbler).

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Re: Call The Set - II

Nicely done Rover, and much appreciated - - - having forgotten to return to the recording and here and update things since Jeremy made that possible… :-/

1st track first tune

Thanks, and I only just noticed the first tune in the set was going through to a polka rather than the setting of Jackson’s Jig you submitted for the same musicians in Call The Set Vol III (I haven’t got that one, or Vol I), but it’s the same tune:
Setting 5
Have now re-linked it. Of course there are still loads of other titles here and elsewhere going to the wrong tunes, but it’d hardly be reasonable to expect people to revisit all the recordings they’ve submitted and edit them!
Sadly not many people will have heard these Call The Set cassettes, or CD, anyway.

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Track 3 tune 1, and track 9

Track 3 tune 1 and track 9 were also on the cassette as just ‘jig’, but both are Willie Coleman’s, now updated (tracks 7, 8, 9 and 10 rehash some of the tunes played in tracks 1-3 but with voice-over instructions for dancers).

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