Welcome - Live in Hamburg

By Skirm & Dezi Donnelly

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Re: Welcome - Live in Hamburg

1995 release by Magnetic Music http://www.magnetic-music.com/

This features Dezi Donnelly, fiddle, and a guitarist/singer who only goes by the name, Skirm. Tracks 1-9 were recorded live, while 10-11 - listed as "bonus tracks" - were done in a studio. I have changed some of the tune titles to more accurately link up to what’s in the database (track 3 is just listed as "Selection of Reels," for example). Calliope House is played as instrumental breaks during the track 7 song rather than as a medley. The Gan Ainm on track 3 is a Frankie Gavin original played on his "Frankie Goes to Town" album. Jim Hoy is an air. The tune listed as "Charlie Lennon’s" is a hornpipe similar to "O’Donnell’s."

While I have enjoyed Dezi’s playing on other releases, the sound of his fiddle on the live tracks does him no favors here. I wonder if he was using a pick-up because I can only describe the sound as "fuzzy" (not an issue with the studio tracks). Otherwise, his playing is showy and great as usual. The Star and Mason’s Apron must be a signature medley for him since he has recorded those tunes together several other times.
Skirm is a more than capable accompanist, but his singing style is not really my thing. I would say he is best-suited for doing popular-type material and probably pub songs, if that gives you any idea.