From the Heart

By John Whelan

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This CD came out in 1990 on Oenoke Records and it’s such a cracker, I’m surprised it wasn’t listed. Lovely bouncy and very varied music, finishing with a beautiful waltz.

John plays button accordion and is joined on the recording by Seamus Connolly (fiddle), Jerry O’Sullivan (uilleann pipes), Felix Dolan (acoustic piano), Pat Kilbride (cittern, acoustic guitar), Gabriel Donahue (acoustic piano, acoustic upright bass, synthesizer), Joannie Madden (flute, tin whistle), John McGann (acoustic guitars, mandolins, electric guitar), Danny Noveck (tenor banjo, dumbeck) and Louise Whelan (fiddle, acoustic upright bass).

The titles are as listed exactly, which makes track 7 interesting…

Mary O’Neill’s Fancy (track 9) is The Mouse Behind the Dresser. Also, track 2, “Ten Penny Bit” is not the common tune by that name.

Several modern compositions:
Bob’s Garden of Earthly Delights (track 1) written John Whelan
From the Heart (track 5) written John Whelan
The Broadstone Inn (track 6) written John Whelan and Mick Kenny
Sligo Creek (track 6) was written by Danny Noveck
Ian’s Return To Ireland (track 10) written John Whelan
Yanick’s (track 10) written John Whelan
Denis Whelan’s (track 10) written John Whelan
My Ballingarry Lady (track 11) written John Whelan