Paving and Crigging

By Rattle the Knee

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Re: Paving and Crigging

Paving and Crigging is the debut recording of Rattle the Knee, a trio composed of three Los Angeles-area players I have admired very much over the years, Kira Ott (fiddle), Patrick D’Arcy (pipes and vox) and Jimmy Murphy (guitar). But as strong as each of these players are individually, together they have created an ensemble that is greater than the sum of their parts.

Ott and D’Arcy both take the spotlight for a slow air each, as well as a couple of dance tunes.

The music here is pure drop, uncut, rich, muscular, sinewy and lively, and the CD rocketed straight to the top of my favorites list. Great stuff. I recommend it highly.

Fans of Mick O’Brien and Caoimhin’s O Raighallaigh’s recordings will enjoy this one. Well, I think everyone on this board will. Well worth the cost of a download.