Scotch Mary

By Various Artists

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Scotch Mary

A pretty nice compilation released about four years ago.

Artists by track:

1. Joe Flanagan (accordion and lilting)
2. Packie Dolan (fiddle)
3. The Flanagan Brothers
4. Michael Gaffney (banjo)
5. Eleanor Kane (piano)
6. Paddy Killoran (fiddle)
7. Michael J. Cashin (fiddle)
8. Maurice McSweeney’s Star of Munster
9. Neil Nolan (banjo)
10. The Four Provinces Orchestra
11. Martin Beirne and his Irish Blackbirds
12. Paddy Sweeney (fiddle)
13. James Morrison (fiddle)
14. Maurice McSweeney’s Star of Munster
15. Ed Reevy (fiddle)
16. John McKenna (flute)
17. The Flanagan Brothers
18. Hugh Gillespie (fiddle)
19. Edward Mullarney (uilleann pipes), Patrick Stack (fiddle)
20. Frank Quinn (accordion)

Note that the tune listing on track 15 is backwards. It’s also the only time I’ve heard Ed Reevy’s fiddle playing. Good stuff!