By Strung

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  1. The Hut On Staffin Island
    The Clare Shout
  2. A Tune For The Girls
    Anne Lacey’s
  3. Bluewater
  4. Planxty Dermot Grogan
  5. Ríl An Mhic Óic
    The Dam
  6. Sleep My Baby
  7. The Sweet Surprise
  8. The Sønderho Set

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Re: Strung

A fascinating mix of classical and traditional styles:

"Strung are a contemporary Irish music ensemble based in Cork, comprising Maria Ryan (violin/vocals), Lucia Mac Partlin (violin), Séan Warren (cello) and Aonghus McCarthy (piano). While undergoing classical training at Cork School of Music, they maintained a participating interest in Irish traditional music. Their dynamic ensemble and unique backgrounds allow them to subtly integrate complex harmonies and innovative motifs, while staying true to the deep-rooted authenticity of traditional Irish melodies. "

The album is available on iTunes:

Here’s the opening track: