Storm Party

By dBize

Added by Jeremy .

  1. French
    Mother’s Delight
    Humours Of Westport
  2. The Dutchies (waltzes)
  3. Dwayne Cote
    Storm Party
  4. Kings Of Inishbofin
    Eddie Kelly’s
    Professor Delbert’s Birthday
  5. Newcastle
    President Garfield’s
  6. Echoing Green
  7. Waltz Pour Les Petits Jeunes Filles
    Boys Of Ballisodare
  8. On Wakiki Beach
    China Pig
  9. The Piper Through The Meadow Straying
  10. Nach Mór An Trua
    Seán Tiobrad Arann
  11. Maid Of Athlone
    John Gordon’s
  12. Fisherman’s Lament

Two comments

Re: Storm Party

Yvonne Bolton - concertina, fiddle, cello
Neil Fitzgibbon - fiddle, guitar, vocals
Paddy Morgan - guitar

If you can identify the individual tunes in the sets, please go ahead and edit the track listing accordingly.

Re: Storm Party

Info From Bandcamp

1 Frenchies Reels.mp3 4:11
Scottish (French March), Mothers Delight, Humours of Westport

2 Dutchies waltz’s.mp3 4:23

3 Storm Party.mp3 3:38
Dwayne Cote (Gordon Cote), Shanacadie (Elmer Briand, Storm Party (Jean Macneil)

4 Inishbofin Jigs.mp3 4:22

5 Barndances.mp3 5:24
Newcastle (J.Hill), Primrose Polka (Robert Brown), President Garfields Reel (Harry Carleton)

6 Echoing Green.mp3 3:26
words from William Blake’s Songs Of Innocence, adapted by neil fitz.mp3

7 TV Set.mp3 4:53
Waltz Pour Les Petits Jeunes Filles (Terry Rasmussen), Boys of Ballisodare hop jig, Oriental polka

8 On Wakiki Beach.mp3 3:13
On Wakiki Beach, China Pig
Thanks to Seamus Mckibbin for these tunes from the playing of Paddy Flanagan

9 Piper Through the Meadow Straying.mp3 4:05
Piper Through the Meadow Straying, Larry’s, Hornpipes
Thanks to Collette Mcnulty for use of the harmony on Piper

10 Nach Mór An Trua.mp3 3:56
Nach Mór An Trua (N Fitz), Seán Tiobrad Arann, Champion (Dan MacEachern)

11 Maids of Athlone Reels.mp3 3:56
Maid of Athlone, John Gordons, Watchmaker, Mongrel (Otis Thomas)

12 Fishermans Lament.mp3 2:58
First recorded by dBize in 13th century monastery next to Glastonbury abbey 13 times, a couple of days after first meeting.
From the playing of Daygan Robinson.