By Canterach

  1. MacPhee’s
    The 5am Ceilidh
    Malcolm Currie
    Iain Paterson’s Compliments To Fraser McGlynn
    Inver Lassies
  2. When Fortune Turns Her Wheel
  3. Invergordon Castle
    Dora MacLeod
    Duncan The Gauger
    Willie Nicholson’s
  4. The Highland Brigade At Magersfontein
  5. Johnny O’Braidislea
  6. On The Wings Of A Scorie
    The Rejected Suitor
  7. Shipyards
  8. The Doolin
    Skye Barbecue
    Charles Sutherland
    Liz Kane
  9. Emigrants
  10. P.M. Jimmy MacGregor
    MacLellan’s Favourite
    The Snuff Wife
    Inspector Donald Campbell Of Ness
  11. There’ll Never Be Peace Till Jamie Comes Hame