The Iron Horse

By The Iron Horse

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  1. Aonach Mor Gondola
    Annie’s Wean
    Glasgow Express
  2. Thro’ The Heather
  3. The Lea Rig
  4. The Burning Of Auchindoun
    Turn Again
  5. The Lintie
  6. The Antique Dealer
    The Parting Of The Hare
  7. The Travelling People
  8. Miss Lynn Morrison
  9. The Iron Horse
    The Glendale Festival
  10. When She Cam’ Ben She Bobbit
    The Anvil
    Duncan Johnstone

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Released 1992

Annie Grace - whistles, vocals
Ross Kennedy - guitars, vocals
Gavin Marwick - fiddle
Lynn Morrison - keyboard, vocals
Rod Paul - whistles, mandolin, banjo, guitar

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