Thro’ Water, Earth & Stone

By The Iron Horse

  1. The Peacock’s Feather
    The Bell
    Tam’s Grey Mare
  2. For A’ That
  3. The Goatherd
    The Major’s Maggot
    James MacLellan’s Favourite
    Duncan The Gauger
    The Piper’s Bonnet
  4. Till Jamie Comes Hame
  5. The Poachers
    Assynt Reclaimed
    The Poachers
  6. The Cabbage Town
    The Jellyfish
    The Blantyre
  7. Portuguese Train
  8. The Earl Of Moray
    The Gift
    The Conclusion
  9. J.F. Dickie’s Delight
    Weights And Measures
    Andy White’s
    Molly Rankin’s
    The Repeal Of The Union
  10. The Hen’s March
    The Iron Horse
    The Tipsy Sailor
    The Judge’s Dilemma
  11. Mother Martyr

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Released 1993

Annie Grace - whistles, pipes, vocals
Rod Paul - cittern, mandolin, banjo, guitar
Lynn Morrison - keyboards, fiddle, vocals
Stevie Lawrence - bouzouki, guitars, percussion