Traditional Irish Music

By Setanta

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Setanta is a Seattle combo, made up of Dale Russ and Finn McGinty of the Suffering Gaels and Hanz Araki who is often found playing with Casey Neill’s trio. Fiddle, flute, and guitar. A nice mix of songs and tunes. Susan McKeown’s song “Albatross” is sung particularly well, by Hanz I think (although they don’t credit the vocals). I’d heard Susan’s recording, but this one actually got the song across much better, in my opinion. Turns out it’s a great piece of writing - who knew?
As for the tunes, Hanz has been listening to Molloy and paying attention. Great round tone, good phrasing - good stuff. Dale has a good rhythmic style on the fiddle, with a pleasant edge to his tone.

A good piece of work.
(the title is actually just “Traditional Irish Music” but I wasn’t able to put it in with that title, due to James Kelly’s already having used it)