The Powelsborough Lassies

By James Murray and Ollie Ross

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Re: The Powelsborough Lasses

Released 2014. James Murray - flute, fiddle, songs, accompanied by Ollie Ross [ piano ]. James is a leading figure and highly-respected exponent of the traditional music of South Sligo.
Track #2 is interesting, in that they are 2 of James’ original compositions. The first was posted here very recently, after being recorded by “Teada”. The second was recorded by Harry Bradley on his very first solo CD as a “Sligo” reel, and also on subsequent recordings by others. I hadn’t known it was composed by James Murray until I was generously gifted this CD by 2 musicians I met at the Willie Clancy week this year, so thanks very much, Roisin and Andrew.

Re: The Powelsborough Lasses

Worth adding that this is very good value for money - the 23 tracks make up a playing time of 72 mins. There’s a very interesting booklet with stories about Sligo musicians famous and not so well-known as well and all in all, it’s a very good package..

Re: The Powelsborough Lasses

Thanks for all the great comments about this album. James is a good friend of mine and will be delighted to know about your post.

Re: The Powelsborough Lasses

3/2 Frank Walshe’s can be found in the James Murray chapter of ‘The Trip to Sligo’ tunebook as Peter Walsh’s Jig, p. 164.

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