A River Of Sound

By Various Artists

  1. Ah Sweet Dancer
  2. Johnny Doherty’s#1
    Johnny Doherty’s#2
  3. The Two Conneeley’s
  4. The Real Blues
  5. S
  6. Pulsus
  7. Tyrell’s Pass
    The Coolinarne
    The Lisnagun
  8. A River Of Sound
  9. Caoineadh Na DTr
  10. Paddy Fahy’s
    The Green Fields Of Antrim
    The Star Of Munster
  11. Wind In The Woods
  12. Turas Go T
  13. O Keefe’s Slides #1
    O Keefe’s Slides #2
  14. The Roaring Water #1
    The Roaring Water #2
  15. Barn Dances The Jolly Beggarman
    The Darling Girl From Clare
  16. Port Na BPucai

Three comments

comments please….who is on this recording? Is it good?

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Three years for an answer. I had the album on cassette several years ago. "Interesting" is the word. I’d buy it again just for Eileen Ivers on Track 10 - Paddy Fahy’s/Green Fields of Antrim/Star of Munster - which, for me, is the best piece of fiddling ever.

Eileen Ivers

Couldn’t agree more - had this on a battered old tape for about 10 years and keep coming back to it for the Eileen Ivers set of 3 reels. The most astonishing, raw and gutsy bit of Irish fiddle I have ever heard…