Spring Days

By Duo Menguy Bérenguer

  1. The Forgotten
    John Kelly’s
    Ardenza’s Storm
  2. Le Tourment
    Maid In The Meadow
    Kilglass Lakes
  3. Island Of Woods
  4. Spring Days
  5. Da Mina
    Geamparalele Ca Le Nunta
  6. Peaceful Protest
    Out On The Road
    Eel Under The Rock
  7. Joe Coley’s Morning Dew
    The Hut In The Bog
  8. Mélodie Féon
  9. A Greiz Galon
  10. The Yellow Flowers
    The Green Fields Of Pont Cariou
    J. Brosnan’s
    The Road To Lizelec’h
    Amazing Race
  11. Cailin Na Gruaige Baine

Two comments

Re: Spring Days

Erwan Menguy is a Breton wooden flute, low whistle and biniou player. He also plays Irish music, strongly influenced by Sligo and Roscommon players. This CD, accompanied by guitarist Erwan Bérenguer, he does a little of both. Spring Days is a fresh recording from one of the best flute players and low whistle players around.

I’d be grateful if somebody could flesh out the track lists with names of tunes.