The Key

By Blazin’ Fiddles

  1. The Devil’s Delight
    Break The Light
    Da Lerwick Lasses
  2. The Goatherd And The Shepherd
    Anlon McKinney
    Double Rise
  3. McFall’s March
    Lucy Campbell
    The Black Pig
  4. Annie’s Waltz
  5. John MacDonald Of Coll View
    Anne Grace Henderson
    Picnic In The Sky
  6. The Rose Of St. Magnus
  7. The Ox
    Niel Gow’s Style
    The Gentle Milkmaid
  8. Mr Michie
    The Beeswing
    The Merrymaking
  9. The Highlander’s Revenge
    Mutt’s Favourite
  10. The Silent Command
    Wind Song
  11. Violet Tulloch’s
    The Old Box
    Harris Dance