This Day 20 Years

By Brian Hughes

  1. The Ships Are Sailing
    Ambrose Maloney’s
    The New-Mown Meadows
  2. Páidín O Raifearta
    The Sliabh Russell
  3. I Could But I Won’t
  4. The Fly By Night
    The Tailor’s Twist
  5. The Roscommon
    Ah Surely
  6. Bruach Na Carraige Baine
  7. The Piper’s
    The Tabletop Tumble
  8. The Maids Of Ardagh
    Many’s A Wild Night
  9. The Sound Of Survival
  10. Happy To Meet, Sorry To Part
    Billy McCormack’s
    Troy’s Wedding
  11. Grainne’s Fancy
  12. A Friend’s Farewell
  13. Tuohy’s
    The Man Of Aran
  14. The Bicycle
    Johnny O’Leary’s
    The Dirty Trettles
  15. Fair Gentle Eily O’Carroll
  16. Callaghan’s
    Bill The Weaver’s
    The Rambling Sailor
  17. Caher Rua
    Dan Breen’s
    Now She’s Purring
  18. Haley’s
    Eddie Kelly’s
    The Scotchman Over The Border
  19. Caherciveen
  20. The Flag Of The Adventurer

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Re: This Day 20 Years

Brian Hughes is regarded as one of the finest whistle players of his generation, and is responsible for the greatest body of whistle music ever recorded. Using standout tracks taken from five amazing albums, recorded over 20 years and including some of the very best musicians on the scene "This Day 20 years" will surely go down as one of the greatest whistle albums ever produced.