Tales From The North

By Calum Stewart

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Re: Tales From The North

Is there any flute playing on this ? Someone told me that Calum had given up the flute to concentrate solely on uilleann pipes, which would be a great loss to flute playing.

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Re: Tales From The North

To answer my own question, after listening to the "previews" on "iTunes", there are a few tracks on flute. Think I’ll have to get this, but I much prefer to buy the CD with sleevenotes - preferably from Calum himself - than from "iTunes".

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Re: Tales From The North

Yea - Calum, please don’t quit the flute! It was my only gripe, that there weren’t a few more sets on flute, preferably reels!

This is a mighty album. The second set (Angel’s Share) is one of the best things I’ve heard this year, reminds me what a helluva tune the Gladstone is to end a set.

Re: Tales From The North

Kenny: If you do get the sleeve notes, i’d be interested - tune names i need!

But for expediency, there’s CD-quality audio version of this at qobuz for digital download - a good source for CD-quality and sometimes hi-res audio versions of stuff.

Re: Tales From The North

1) Am Monadh Ruadh
comp. Calum Stewart

2) The Angel’s Share
i) The Angel’s Share (C.Stewart)
ii) Copper Stills (C. Stewart)
iii) The Gladstone (J. Scott Skinner)

3) The Bell Of Ardclach
i) The Bell of Ardclach (C. Stewart)
ii) The Rose of Rothes (C. Stewart)

4) Randolph’s Leap, Pt. 1 (C. Stewart)
5) Randolph’s Leap, Pt. 2 (C. Stewart)

6) Am Feat Liath Mòr
(C. Stewart)

7) The Seven Men Of Glen Moriston
i) Garster’s Dream
ii) The Seven Men of Glen Moriston (C. Stewart)
iii) Fisherman’s Lilt

8) Sueno’s Stone
(C. Stewart)

9) Music O’ Spey
(J. Scott Skinner)

10) Lasses Of Stewarton
i) Tailgating the Minister (Kathryn Tickell)
ii) The Lasses of Stewarton
iii) Loch Earn