By Tom McElvogue and Karen Tweed

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There have been a few erroneous edits to tune titles;
I’m trying to find the versions of Andy McGann’s, Fahy’s, Gan Ainm and Bank of Ireland, all of which are in this database but not as common titles. I will find them but unless you’ve heard the recording it would be helpful if you don’t attribute the tracks to the obvious name as it’s unlikely to pertain to this particular recording.


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Bank of Ireland links to Old John’s Jig. It sounds like a jig version of the BOI reel so maybe it’s why it earned its title on this recording.

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Having just bought a copy of this CD on eBay and found it a total delight, am surprised it has generated so few comments since it was launched some time in 2017, and it was recorded back in January 2017.

Maybe the decision not to sell it via Amazon, iTunes or other streaming platforms has something to do with that (hooray for any way of avoiding amazon or iTunes), but it can be bought as a CD for €15 or as a download for €10 from

The online liner notes are much more comprehensive than the print version, but can be downloaded for nothing, and if you’re thinking about getting the CD or download, you can get the online liner notes and they might persuade you to get the music.
They’re mostly familiar tunes, resonating from sessions from long ago in the north east of England which had been shared with Paul Ruane, who tragically died of cancer in 2016. The CD’s dedication: “This is for you Paul Ruane”.

On the CD, Tom is playing a “Flute (Holmes-McNaughton Pink Ivory)” [in D]. For anyone not familiar with either the makers or material, that’s Bill McNaughton and Norman Holmes
and Berchemia zeyheri, a tree which grows predominantly in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa. According to wikipedia: “The tree is protected and sustainably maintained in South Africa, only felled by very limited permit”. Btw, Norman Holmes is also a flute player and he played one of Ruane’s compositions (Orla’s Reel) on Wooden Flute Obsession: Volume 3, Disc 2. The tune is also on this CD.

Flute-players with only a D flute (ie, most of them) might be interested to note that, unlike on Tom’s first CD where various flutes were used, on this one only the “pink ivory” D flute is played, throughout.

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Re: Luckpenny

Thanks for the kind words Rover! I’m glad you’re enjoying the recording.

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