Bolt the Door

By Poisoned Dwarf

Two comments

Re: Bolt the Door

‘’The tunes matter most. Tunes under the traditional music umbrella are virtually living organisms and since there are an infinite number of ways to approach every tune it is best to allow them to breathe and continue to evolve. Our straightforward arrangements of these tunes into Sets allow our playing of the Sets (and the tunes within them) to evolve as well. This recording is therefore only a snapshot of our playing of a few of these tunes during a cold February weekend in 2007.

As this inviting body of tunes continues to grow, so too do the numbers of listeners, dancers, and musicians eager to join in the fun associated with it. We love this music and hope our listeners enjoy our playing of it as much as we enjoy playing it. While respecting and taking the tradition of traditional music making seriously, we avoid taking ourselves too much so. After all, compared to the growing party under an ever expanding umbrella of great tunes and great music, we’re mere dwarves.‘’