Six Shades of Green

By Poisoned Dwarf

  1. Moina’s
    The Banshee
    The Shetland Tune
  2. Johnny’s Gone To France
    The Cup Of Tea
  3. The Wind That Shakes The Barley
  4. Dusty Windowsill
    Calliope House
    Macarthur’s Road
  5. Foxhunt
    High Road To Linton
    Clumsy Lover
  6. Isabel’s Fury
  7. The Crested Hen
    Donald Mcgillavry
    Morning Dew
    Toss The Feathers
  8. Cuckoo’s Nest
    Andy Renwick’s Ferret
    Tam Linn
  9. Breton March
    Le Bon Vent
  10. Matt People’s
    Miss Mcguiness
    Charlie’s Buttermilk Mary
  11. Rosaline Castle
    Dunmore Lasses
  12. Diddly I
  13. Geese’s Asses
    The Night We Buried The Pig
  14. Cape Breton Wedding March
    Devil In The Kitchen
    Willie Roy’s
  15. Turkey Leg

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Re: Six Shades of Green

Poisoned Dwarf draws from diverse musical backgrounds to create a sound that blends Scottish and Irish music, along with hints of rock and bluegrass. Using Flute, Whistles, Scottish small pipes, Djembe, Banjo, Guitar, Fiddle, Bodhran and Vocals, Poisoned Dwarf delivers a high-energy performance that shakes your Celtic soul!
The Dwarves are:
Thomas DeRose- Flute, Whistles and Accordian
Brendan Hodkinson- Guitar and Vocals
Eric Hunter- Banjo
Lance Pedigo- Percussion
Stewart Pittman- Smallpipes, Whistles and Bones
Cassie Smith-Christmas- Fiddle