Informal Sessions

By Joe Cormier

  1. Miss Laura Andrews
    Mrs. Ramsey Of Rarnton
    Mrs. Kennedy Of Green
    The Nine Pint Coggie
  2. Johnny Wilmot’s
    The Squirrel In The Tree
  3. Earl Grey
    The Perthshire Volunteers
    Miss Margaret Campbell
    The Reel Of Cluny
  4. The Silver Star
    The Temperance
  5. Mrs. Dow
    Bobby’s Winston Tune
    Last Night’s Fun
  6. Farleigh Castle
    Clear The Track
  7. The New Fiddle
    Murray River
  8. Strathearn
    Miss M’Lean
    Johnny’s Made A Wadding O’it
    Neil Roy
  9. The Glencoe
    The Auld Wheel
    The Earl Of Seafield
    Jamie Hardie
  10. John Roy Stewart
    The Fisher’s Wedding
    The Saratoga
  11. The Marquis Of Tullybardine
    The Romp Among The Whims
    Put Me In The Big Chest
  12. Killiecrankie
  13. Mr. Barclay
    Willie Fraser
    Miss Rattray
    Lady Mary Stopford
  14. The New Kelvin Bridge
    James F. Dickie
    Elizabeth’s Big Coat
  15. Beauties Of The Ballroom
    The Trippers
    Miss MacGregor’s Favorite
  16. Moonlight
    The Galway
    Heather Hill
    West Mabou
  17. Mrs. Grant Of Laggan
    Miss Lyall
    Tom Rae
    John MacNeil

One comment

Re: Informal Sessions

Yet another great album by Joseph Cormier, again available on iTunes. I like the Ador strathspey "Mrs. Grant of Laggan" on the last track with its twists and turns and also "Mr. Barclay", a strathspey in Ddor on track 13. This album also has one of only two recordings of which I am aware of the reel "Miss Maclean of Inverscadle" ("Miss M’Lean" on the trackless).