Wall of Sound

By Blowzabella

  1. Kopenitsa
  2. Eight Step
    Stukka Gruppa
  3. Hallowed Ground
  4. Newbury
    Moll In The Wood
    Sword Dance (Ghost Tune)
    Old Wife Of Coverdale
  5. Sideways Glance
  6. Roger De Coverley
    Trip O’Er Tweed
  7. Lyke Wake Dirge
  8. Finnish Scottish
  9. Last Chance Bourrée
  10. Glass Island
  11. Sinfonia

One comment

Re: Wall of Sound

I might be wrong, but on track 4 (a very, very nice set of jigs and slip jigs), it seems like there are 5 tunes rather than 4. Two jigs and three slip jigs. One could possibly be a variation though.